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Mauritius Information

 Mauritius Authorised Company (AC)   375KB 

Mauritius Laws

 Companies Act 2001 495KB 
 Financial Services Development Act 2001 772KB 
 Financial Intelligence Unit and AML Act 2002 104KB 

 Barbados Mauritius 284KB 
 Belgium Mauritius 1995 2,195KB 
 Botswana Mauritius 1995 1,032KB 
 China Mauritius 1994 840KB 
 China Mauritius Final Protocol 1994 10KB 
 Croatia Mauritius 2002 1,766KB 
 Cyprus Mauritius 2000 949KB 
 France Mauritius 1980 2,383KB 
 France Mauritius Final Protocol 1980 15KB 
 Germany Mauritius 1978 903KB 
 Germany Mauritius Final Protocol 1978 10KB 
 India Mauritius 1982 932KB 
 Italy Mauritius 1990 873KB 
 Italy Mauritius Final Protocol 1990 15KB 
 Kuwait Mauritius 1998 1,074KB 
 Lesotho Mauritius 1995 999KB 
 Luxembourg Mauritius 1995 1,040KB 
 Luxembourg Mauritius Final Protocol 1995 10KB 
 Madagascar Mauritius 1994 1,099KB 
 Madagascar Mauritius Final Protocol 1994 10KB 
 Malaysia Mauritius 1992 934KB 
 Mozambique Mauritius 1997 1,161KB 
 Namibia Mauritius 1995 1000KB 
 Nepal Mauritius 1999 1,023KB 
 Oman Mauritius 1998 1,014KB 
 Oman Mauritius Final Protocol 1998 10KB 
 Pakistan Mauritius 1994 967KB 
 Rwanda Mauritius 2001 940KB 
 Senegal Mauritius 59KB 
 Seychelles Mauritius 118KB 
 Singapore Mauritius 1995 938KB 
 Singapore Mauritius Final Protocol 1995 10KB 
 South Africa Mauritius 1997 913KB 
 Sri Lanka Mauritius 1996 100KB 
 Swaziland Mauritius 1994 924KB 
 Sweden Mauritius 1992 995KB 
 Thailand Mauritius 1998 1,039KB 
 Thailand Mauritius Final Protocol 1998 10KB 
 Uganda Mauritius 2003 377KB 
 UK Mauritius 1981 1,105KB 
 UK Mauritius Final Protocol 1986 20KB 
 Zimbabwe Mauritius 1992 1,131KB 

Other Jurisdiction Information

 Anguilla 77KB  24KB 
 Belize 77KB  24KB 
 British Virgin Islands 79KB  25KB 
 Seychelles 80KB  26KB 
 Seychelles CSL 80KB  26KB 
 USA LLCs 82KB  27KB 
 Hong Kong 82KB  27KB 
 Singapore 82KB  27KB 

Seychelles Laws

 Anti Money Laundering Act, 1996 30KB 
 International Business Companies Act, 1994 180KB 
 International Trade Zone Act, 1995 70KB 

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